Three Comics Kickstarters To Check Out!

Today, rather than talk about my own comics, I’d like to talk about three specific projects on Kickstarter that look neat and relate to comics.

Personally speaking, I find it amazing that very creative comics projects are turning up on Kickstarter.  Some of these are really innovative, truly original or just sheer genius.  Some of these are not only meeting their funding goals but also surpassing by them insane amounts.  I see projects that meet 200% of their funding goals or even 500% or 800% of their goals!  This is remarkable beyond words.  But enough about that.  How about a few of the neat projects on Kickstarter?  

The first one is the graphic novel Braun by Shane White.  Braun is a science fiction adventure about the title character, a robot, and his female friend Maven.  The art is gorgeous and the amount of effort into the planning of this work is stupendous (not unlike my own passion for Sunnyville).

I mean it – you need to spread the word about Braun and give to this Kickstarter today.

Next up is quite an original story.  It’s Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer by David Crownson and a host of other talented individuals.  This pretty much doesn’t need an explanation.  How cool does it sound for an actual historical figure to be shown fighting the supernatural?

Be sure to give to this one too and tell everyone you can!

This one is called The San Diego Conquest by Mario Candelaria.  The magnificent Candelaria brings us a riveting tale of a lady named Becca who sets off with two companions to a huge comics convention to pitch a project to a big name editor.  Hilarity ensues on the way.

This project has about two and a half weeks to go yet is far behind in its goal.  The San Diego Conquest looks like a forceful whirlwind in small press comics and deserves to be funded.  Make sure you tell everyone you can and give to this evocative graphic novel today!

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