Reynard City Kickstarter

Tonight, I’m here to make the case for all of you Sunnyville fans and comics fans to lend your support to another Kickstarter – this one isn’t mine though.

This Kickstarter is to sponsor the reboot of Reynard City, an online comic that is the brainchild of Rob Turner and a host of other talented people.

The goal of this Kickstarter is to raise 6,000 British pounds to fund the reboot.  This sum will cover printing costs, promotion and other aspects which are covered in more detail in the link below.

They have only 60 days to do this so make sure you give your support and spread the word.

Pledge to the Reynard City Kickstarter today!

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About Max West

I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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