Green Max Kickstarter CANCELLED

I have an important announcement to make.  Sometime ago, I announced that Sunnyville character, Green Max, was going to be in a Kickstarter.  After some careful thinking, I will not be doing the planned Kickstarter for a Green Max comic.

Why am I doing this?  How did I come to this decision?

I did not choose this because I feared the Kickstarter would fail.  The initial goal of the planned Green Max Kickstarter was US$250.  Since I did well with the first one, this one would have most assuredly made its goal.  So why am I not going through with this?  

As some of you remember last year, I had a breakdown from trying to complete four different projects at once.  Taking on another Kickstarter while working on the next Sunnyville comics (more on that in a moment) while wrapping up the first one, planning a bigger Kickstarter and doing conventions would have led to another overload for me.

The Kickstarter I ran this year was a success.  However I owe it to myself and to my backers to see this Kickstarter through to the end.  That means that I need to send out the rest of the rewards.  If that takes longer than anticipated, I can’t have the running and promotion of a second Kickstarter so soon weighing me down.

What’s more is that I’ve neglected Sunnyville Stories #15 and #16 for too long.  I really need to start work on those.  Those will be in the upcoming fourth volume of Sunnyville.  I aim to release that in the summer of next year so it’s imperative to get those done and make the final clean copy of Sunnyville volume 4.

Most importantly, I want to organize another Kickstarter to fund the fourth volume.  Just because I succeeded with this one doesn’t mean any future efforts will succeed too.  I need time to research and prepare.  Plus I need to review the analytics of this past Kickstarter to understand why it got funded, what I did wrong and how to improve.

Rest assured, this is NOT the last of Green Max.  He’ll be a background character in some of the upcoming comics and I have more plans for him in the Sunnyville universe.

Stay tuned, Sunnyville fans, for more news,

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I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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