Coming Soon: Comixology and Anthology Comics

I have an announcement to make today.  First, I want to let everyone know that Sunnyville Stories #15 has the green light and will be going ahead.  I’ll let everyone know the progress of that as it develops.

Second, I want to announce that expansion onto Comixology has begun.  Von Herling and the Whimsical Worlds of Max West (more on that in a second) will be the first titles to be re-issued for Comixology.  Eventually, the various single issues of Sunnyville Stories should be up on Comixology by April or May.  

Some of you know that I have an anthology comic in electronic format titled the Whimsical Worlds of Max West.  This is already available over on Amazon.  However, on March 18 of this year, the Whimsical Worlds will be re-issued for both DriveThru Comics and Comixology with a brand new cover.

New comics cover

Whimsical Worlds Re-Issue Cover Being Drawn

This illustration is a re-working of both one of my gag cartoons and the original Amazon Kindle cover for the Whimsical Worlds.  This is being done with mixed media – a combination of ink, professional art/design marker, gouache and Rapidograph pen.

The Whimsical Worlds of Max West contains Sunnyville Stories #0; Why Read Independent Comics; FARM #1A, a self-published zine that was meant to be the launch of a comics series of mine; and an assortment of gag cartoons.

There will be another anthology collecting some of my other comics that will be released sometime around Memorial Day or this summer.  The work will collect some of my Ingmar the Wanderer comics, the original version of Sunnyville Stories #1 and maybe even some more gag cartoons.  I’m considering doing some new gag cartoons as well as wraparound material hosted by none other than Rusty of Sunnyville.  I’ll have more announcements on that as it develops.


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About Max West

I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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