Kickstarter 2018 Countdown: Promotional Art

This Friday on January 5, the Sunnyville Stories Volume 4 Kickstarter will launch.  I’ve been working up promotional artwork for this crowdfunding extravaganza.

Some of you may remember the artwork for the Kickstarter itself.

Kickstarter 2018 Banner

I have some of the artwork I had used on last year’s Kickstarter.

One Dollar

This is another I used before.  It will be very effective for smaller pledges.  

This next one is something I particularly proud of and lends some real star power to the Sunnyville Kickstarter.

Rusty and Cerebus To Victory

I plan to use this artwork along with the Kickstarter link to draw attention and pull in pledges to the Kickstarter.  Having Rusty alongside Cerebus the Aardvark lends celebrity power.  Plus it makes sense as Cerebus is a special guest in Sunnyville #14!  The above poster was inspired by one from World War 2.

World War 2 "To Victory" Poster

That poster symbolizes the strength of the United Kingdom (the lion) and Canada (the beaver) working together as allies in World War 2.  In fact, I’m also devising a few more promotional art pieces for the Kickstarter to pull in pledges, raise awareness and boost morale.  I plan to share those in the coming days.

That’s it for now.  Be sure to pledge to the Kickstarter when it launches on Jan. 5!

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About Max West

I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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