Taxes Done, Sunnyville No. 17 Work On!

What a weekend it’s been.  First, the taxes are finished and filed for the year.  Those are out of the way at last.

From here on, it’s back to Sunnyville #17 but there’s other things to do as well.

Inking panels and letters on Sunnyville #17

Due to ongoing problems with my Rapidograph pen always clogging up and slowing down my work, I’ve had to switch to pigment markers to ink panel borders.  Everything else though still remains done with nib pen like the Speedball C6 for lettering and a mix of others for lines like the Speedball 512, Speedball 513 and Hunt 107.

Hieronymous and Rusty

Here’s a pencil sample of one of the pages.  That character on the second from the left is named Hieronymous.  He’s a red fox whom our heroes meet in the Oak City shopping mall and they need his help to get back to Sunnyville.  I had fun designing him.

Pencils of Rusty, Sam and Jason heading to the mall

The story runs about 30 pages.  As the Kickstarter to fund the micro run printing of this comic launches on Saturday, April 7 (mark your calendars!), I need to get as much done as possible.  If I’m not able to completely finish the story by April 7, I need to get at least as much done as I can.  I’m aiming to get at least 25 pages finished completely if I can’t get the whole thing done.  Those pages will also be needed for the Kickstarter video and for the page itself.

Work though may have other obstacles.  On Saturday, March 24, I will be in attendance at the Toys Collectibles & Curiosities Exposition in Moorhead Center Mall to sell comics, books, leftover stock and original art (more on this in a second).  Over Easter, I’ll be taking a vacation to New York City to visit family so that will limit my ability to work on the story.

I am also looking at other ways to generate income besides my books and comics.  As a reminder, I do take private commissions!  (Check my contact information below to get more info and rates.)  Original artwork will be going on sale too.  Besides selling them at the upcoming expo, they’ll be going up for sale on Etsy in the future and other conventions.  This will include both Sunnyville Stories and Tiffany & Corey artwork.  Another income source was a hot tip received through the grapevine; someone told me of a local advertising agency that uses freelancers.  I will be contacting them later.

That’s it for now.  I’ll have another update for you loyal readers next week.  In the meantime, sign up for the mailing list if you haven’t already.  Check out my webcomic Tiffany & Corey and also stop by Amazon to grab Sunnyville Stories trade paperbacks.

Are you interested in private commissions from me?  Feedback or questions on my comics?  Send them via email to maxwestart(at)gmail(dot)com or write to:


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