Sunnyville Stories Episode 18

Welcome back, readers.  I’m going to be going ahead with Sunnyville Stories #18 once #17 is processed and sent off to the printers.

I have discussed this before.  Sunnyville episodes 17 through 22 are what I have dubbed “the Golden Age” of Sunnyville.  Why?  These are stories I have been really wanting to draw for a long time now.  When I conceived Sunnyville in 2009 and was busy generating story ideas, I really had fun with these.  I’m also considering this run of stories to be the best ones I’ve done.  

Anyway, Sunnyville Stories #18 is going to be titled “Time Warp”, named after the song from the cult favorite, the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  The working title was going to be “Stop the Clock”, but I thought Time Warp had a nicer ring to it.  This story will be a little different from some of the previous stories I did.

This is going to be a time travel episode.

Yes, you read that right.  The plot of this story involves Rusty and Samantha traveling 25 years back in time.  They visit Sunnyville in the past and meet Sam’s parents, Thompson and Crystal, before the two were married.

How do they travel back in time?  No, there’s no DeLorean here or the TARDIS.  Rusty and Sam wander deep into the vast forests surrounding Sunnyville and find a mysterious cave.  They walk into the cave and it sends them back in time.

I know.  In contrast to the past stories, which are grounded more in reality (to maintain verisimilitude with our own world), this story delves into the realms of the fantastic.  How exactly this cave has the power to send people back in time?  That’s something I’m not going to explain but leave it up to the imagination of you readers.

I hope to have a script excerpt up in the coming weeks as wells as concept art of the older Sunnyville that our heroes visit.  But alas, that must wait.

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