Dominic and Claire Return: The Kickstarter!

Today is the day of the big announcement. I’m announcing my next Kickstarter and I am definitely fired up about this. How is that? Work on the Kickstarter page itself has already started before this official announcement.

Dominic & Claire Funnies Cover

Back in February, the Dominic & Claire Funnies was released. This digest-size comic, also available in digital format over on DriveThru Comics, is a humor spin-off from Sunnyville Stories featuring Rusty’s adorable and witty cousin Dominic. This comic got a good write-up over on Root Beer Party and I want to build on this success with another hilarious comic.

On Tuesday April 30, a Kickstarter will launch to raise a sum of US$625 to fund a print run of about 500 copies of “Dominic & Claire Return”, a 20-page black & white digest-size comic featuring about three funny stories with a page or two of filler gag material.

The printing of the comic itself will cost around $408. On that note, it should be a quick job once the funds clear. The firm that is printing this comic is right here in the United States, they offer free shipping if your order total is a certain threshold and their turnaround time is just a couple of days instead of several weeks. This is good for both myself and my backers as rewards can be fulfilled quicker.

Postage and shipping costs, based on my estimates and research, will run around $130. This does take into account that I will have a handful of foreign backers such as in Canada and the United Kingdom. That brings us to a total of $538. We will need to add on an extra 10% to that figure. Processing fees take about 3-5% and the people at Kickstarter take a 5% cut for themselves which raises the total to around $591.80. The final total we aim to raise will be $625 as anything extra is meant to cover unforeseen challenges.

The Kickstarter itself will run for about 30 days. Should it succeed (and I am optimistic it will), rewards will be mailed out by early June at the latest thanks to the quick turn around times. Now let’s get onto the rewards.

A pledge of $3 gets you a copy of Dominic & Claire Return mailed out to you anywhere in the world.

A pledge of $6 gets you both a copy of Dominic & Claire Return PLUS the Dominic & Claire Funnies mailed out to you anywhere in the world. That’s TWO WHOLE COMICS you’re getting.

A pledge of $15 gets you both of the above comics mailed out to you anywhere in the world. Plus you get a PDF copy of Sunnyville Stories Volume 1 featuring Dominic’s cousin Rusty and an extra comic of mine (which has yet to be determined).

A pledge of $30 gets you both the above comics, the PDF copies of Sunnyville Volume 1, the extra comic PLUS you will get a PDF copy of Sunnyville Stories Volume 2 featuring Dominic’s cousin Rusty.

A retailer special is being devised and will be announced later; this will be a good one for those who own any kind of storefront like a comic shop.

I will also offer two slots for a special $100 pledge. You will get all of the above rewards plus two extra ones! You will get a free 8.5 x 11 piece of color artwork with either Dominic or Claire (your choice). You will also be drawn into one of the comic pages inside Dominic & Claire Return! Yes, I will draw a likeness of you or a character of yours into the comic itself!

Remember that we launch on Tuesday April 30! Mark your calendars and get your money ready to back Dominic & Claire Return!

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