Dominic and Claire: 6 Days Left!

Six days remain until the end of the Dominic & Claire Fun-Size Kickstarter!

As we still sit at 80% funding and close to success, I am going to be aggressively promoting this campaign non-stop to make sure it funds completely.

The first tool will be social media. I will be aggressively using Twitter and Facebook; also in my arsenal will be Tumbler, Instagram, DeviantArt and a few other sources.

The second tool will be my email list. Three more emails will go out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the coming week, the last week of the Kickstarter. I aim to remind my list about the Kickstarter, to pledge if they didn’t yet and to share it with others, especially funny comics fans.

Third will be advertising. A final round of Facebook ads will go out this week.

Fourth is a number of contacts that I’m reaching out to; I am reminding them that we are close to the goal and just need $161 to make it to $800, our final goal.

Speaking of my goal, there still remains a big tool that has not been fully realized – my highest level pledge.

Our $149 pledge!

The highest level pledge tier of $149 has not yet been claimed. As a reminder, you get a ton of goodies with that pledge tier. You get both Dominic & Claire comics (the Funnies AND Fun-Size), sketch cards of the characters and even more comics. With this pledge, you can get THREE TRADE PAPERBACKS of my work. That’s right – Sunnyville Stories Volume 1, 2 and 3 containing 11 whole comics stories can be yours. But there’s still another perk here…

To the two (and only two can choose this tier), I would draw you or your character in a cameo on the pages of Dominic & Claire Fun-Size. That’s right – you can appear in one of my comics!

In fact, if even one of the two slots for this reward were chosen, the $149 pledge would get us within a stone’s throw of our goal!

I encourage all of you out there to pledge to Dominic & Claire Fun-Size today; go for the $149 tier for that really awesome reward package!

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About Max West

I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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