Dominic and Claire Kickstarter Day 1

We are live! Early this morning, the Kickstarter for Dominic & Claire Fun-Size went live.

As of this writing, we are around 18% funding. That is not bad but we have to get 100% funding to make my comic a reality.

You are probably wondering why this blog was not updated immediately after launch. For some strange reason, my computer completely went on the warpath. After the launch, I could not do any Facebook ads, update my blog or even send out emails. Why? First, my Gmail account would not work; it crashed about 20 times any time I tried to access it. Second, my computer went berserk. It crashed 10 times!

We got off to a rocky start but I’ve overcome it. Shortly the Kickstarter will be updated. Watch for more news and don’t forget to pledge to Dominic & Claire Fun-Size!