Dominic and Claire Kickstarter Day 11

Whoa…these last few days have been a wild ride for both me as well as the Dominic & Claire Fun-Size Kickstarter. For three whole days, my Kickstarter was stuck at 35% funding.

I started having doubts in spite of a concrete strategy and investing in Kickstarter coaching. Already I could hear people out there reacting with “told you so” about failing. In spite of this, the drive to keep going overrode my fear.

I stuck with my plan of aggressively using social media and my email list (sign up if you didn’t do so yet). I also found myself needing to sweeten the deal. Besides outreach to a number of contacts, I added more rewards in the form of milestone bonuses; those are extra rewards for backers when we hit a certain milestone. In this case, I was offering extra comics to backers when we hit 25, 50, 75 and 100% funding. I have since added two more rewards – one at 40% funding and another at 90%.

Yesterday on Friday, September 13, we inched closer to the $300 mark. For nearly all of the day, we teetered just $2 away from the $300 mark. I emphasized the rewards and used my mailing list just as I had been trained to. That night, I started cooking dinner – a very tasty pot of chicken soup with matzo balls – and I checked my Kickstarter.

Yes, I got to 40% funding! I was elated! But it got better…

About five minutes after hitting that milestone, we hit 46% funding. Yes…as this blog post goes live, we are just TWENTY EIGHT DOLLARS AWAY FROM BEING 50% OR HALFWAY FUNDED!!

I do not plan to rest on my laurels. I know for a fact that once a Kickstarter hits 50% and gets into the 50-90% funded range, the chances of successful funding (100%+) go up dramatically. But that is NOT guaranteed. Yes, there are projects who got into the 90% funded range and ran out of time, not making their goal.

I do NOT aim to be one of those. From here on, the real challenge begins of getting to 50% and then fully funded. That is why I need your help.

Make sure you back Dominic & Claire Fun-Size on Kickstarter today. Tell others about it too. If you know of a blog, podcast or publication covering crowdfunding or independent comics, have them contact me at maxwestart(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thanks again for your time, everyone! Stay tuned for more updates and back my Kickstarter today!

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About Max West

I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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