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Announcing Sunnyville Stories: Beginnings!

I’ve always liked older music and to quote Thin Lizzy, the boys are back in town. Or more specifically, the Sunnyville crew is back in town! Sometime in 2021, either June or September (still to be determined), I will be … Continue reading

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What is an ISBN?

As I continue to work on Sunnyville Stories episode 8 “Make the Grade”, I thought I’d talk some about publishing and printing your comics in book form. There are some things you’ll need for that. ┬áThe biggest thing you’ll need … Continue reading

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Sunnvyille Volume 1 Progress Report

Just a reminder to everyone: I am still working on the first trade paperback of my work, Sunnyville Stories Volume 1. The book is on schedule and will be sent to the printers no later than June 10. In fact, … Continue reading

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