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I’ve come up with two press releases designed to pitch the second episode of Sunnyville Stories and the newly released Sunnyville Sketchbook.

Rusty typing

For immediate release

For further info, contact Max West,

Cutting edge creator debuts a well-written comics series

Comics writer-creator Max West announced the first print release of Sunnyville Stories, a comics series in development for nearly two years.

Sunnyville Stories is a slice-of-life comic centered around the cozy hamlet of Sunnyville.  The town is home to families of anthropomorphic animals dressed in traditional clothing – males wear suits and females wear dresses.  The series itself revolves around two feline teenagers: a silver tabby recently moved into town named Rusty Duncan and a butter cream furred country girl named Samantha “Sam” Macgregor.

The second episode of the series, entitled “Multiball Madness”, is now available as a 40-page magazine-sized comic.  The plot involves Rusty being challenged by local rich girl Rose Von Straussen after hearing him brag about his pinball playing skills.  Can Rusty triumph over Rose when they play their game?  Or will Rusty see his fledgling reputation shot amongst the town’s youngsters?

The second episode continues to build upon the extensive universe of Sunnyville, introduced in the series’ first episode.  The series pilot episode “Beginnings” is available for free, currently being serialized through the creator’s blog.

“I was taught to write what you know,” Max West says, “And what I know are my own personal experiences of having to face a challenge and of showing others what I can do.”

The rejuvenating and forthright line art of Mr. West’s comics evoke the feel of traditional newspaper comics and the work of Expressionist painter/draftsman Paul Klee – both of which the inventive and focused Mr. West cites as artistic influences on his work.

Max West resides in New York and holds a degree in creative writing from Baruch College.  He has also trained at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, receiving training from experts in the comics field.

Sunnyville Stories #2 is currently available through and at a retail price of US$ 2.99.  Order your copy today!

For more information, please visit the official Sunnyville Stories web log for weekly updates by the creator at

And now – the second press release for the Sunnyville Sketchbook!
For immediate release

For further info, contact Max West,

Trailblazing creator reveals select sketches in world-building

It’s no secret that constructing a believable world isn’t easy and avant-garde creator Max West demonstrates this principle in his remarkable new release, the Sunnyville Sketchbook.

The Sunnyville Sketchbook is a 24-page magazine sized comic in which Mr. West unveils never-before-seen sketches and refined ideas for his independent comics series, Sunnyville Stories.  Sunnyville is a picture-perfect saga of two feline teenagers, Rusty Duncan and Samantha Macgregor, living in the folksy village of Sunnyville.

This sketchbook displays rough drafts of the setting for the wholesome town of Sunnyville, the unvarnished wilderness surrounding the area, and the congenial populace of the town such as local sheriff, Officer Carl, and the rambunctious triplets living at the town’s cleaners.

“I want the world to know that putting this universe together was not easy,” the brilliant Max West explains, “It took time to do research, make on-location sketches, and consider the relationships of the characters with each other and their world.”

Mr. West’s artwork is very down-to-earth, having been influenced by newspaper comics, fine artist Paul Klee, and illustrator Richard Scarry.  Yet, the mix of crisp lines, transparent grays, and hearty blacks prove that his art is anything but minimal.

The Sunnyville Sketchbook is available at and at an invitingly priced US$3.50.  Get your copy today!  And while you’re at it, be sure to get your copy of Sunnyville Stories episode 2, also available at Indy Planet and Comics Monkey.

For more information, artwork, and weekly updates, visit the creator’s blog at

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