Sunnyville Stories Episode 4, page 5-6 pencils

I’ve got more pencilled pages for the fourth episode of Sunnyville to share with all of you this week.  Just as a reminder, I will be appearing at I-Con on the weekend of April 15th-17th.  I’ll have a schedule up later of my panels.  That said, let’s continue with our story from last week.  You  might remember that Sam and Margaret Macgregor came into the town’s repair shop to get their toaster oven fixed.  Yet, it seems that Mr. Jakes is seriously backlogged on his work.

Episode 4 page 5 pencils

Mr. Jakes has lived his entire life in Sunnyville.  So logic dictates that he’d know the local residents inside and out.  It’s implied that he hasn’t seen either one of the Macgregor girls for quite awhile.  Notice how he refers to the girls as “little” – being an old man with a long memory, he probably still thinks of them as little girls rather than grown women.

What can I say?  It’s just another touch that adds class to my comic as well as an aura of believability – it’s like Sunnyville is a real town inhabited by real residents and not simply ink on paper.

By the way, I might add that the coffee grinder and the antique record player in the upper right panel were both drawn from reference.  Those who might remember my pencilling comics tutorial should remember that it’s good to research EVERYTHING even if you think you know how to draw it.

Episode 4 Page 6 pencilsUnfortunately, it’s going to take quite some time to fix the Macgregor family’s toaster oven.  In fact, nobody may get things fixed for quite some time.  Mr. Jakes has such a backlog that he’ll be busy for quite awhile.  Check out the appliances down in the bottom left panel.  Those brand names are parodies if you haven’t figured it out.  They’re spoofing “Sony” and “TDK”.

Sam and Margaret take that as their cue to leave.  However, I bet some of you are wondering how Mr. Jakes ended up getting all that stuff to fix.  It can’t be a coincidence that everyone in town has so much broken stuff at once.  Alas, loyal readers, that will have to wait until next week.  I’ll have more pencilled pages up next Saturday.

As I said before, it’s interesting to see how comics are made and showing the pencilled pages of my work is meant to display my working process out there to everyone.  Who else out there pencils comics?  How do you work?

What do you think of the story so far?  Please leave your comments below.  I installed the CommentLuv plugin so you’ll get a backlink to your own blog/site.  Until next week, friends, bye bye!

BONUS: Here’s another YouTube promo for Sunnyville Stories.


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