Sunnyville Stories Volume 1: Coming 2012!

I’ve been quite busy not only working on this blog and promoting my social media presence.  I’m also continuing work on the fifth episode of Sunnyville.  If all goes well, I hope to put it to bed by Labor Day weekend and have it available for purchase by the end of summer.  At the time of this writing, I’m well into the last third of the story pencils.

What I’d like to talk to you about is something special.  I’ve been releasing Sunnyville Stories as pamphlets (that’s comics jargon for your typical single-issue comic book).  Speaking of which, if you haven’t already, these comics are available via Indy Planet.  You can get episode 2, episode 3, episode 4 and the Sunnyville Sketchbook there.  But that’s going to change soon.  For next year, I’m planning something big.  It will be an actual trade paperback of my work.

That’s right.  It will be an actual Sunnyville Stories trade paperback.  It will be titled…(surprise!) Sunnyville Stories Volume 1.

Sunnyville TPB cover mockup

Sunnyville Stories Volume 1 cover mockup

The Sunnyville Stories Volume 1 trade paperback will contain the first three episodes of the series: Episode 1 “Beginnings”, Episode 2 “Multiball Madness”, and Episode 3 “The Train Robbers”.  In addition, I hope to have at least a little bit of bonus material like some commentary or even an extra story.  I have not yet decided on the exact material.  My main priority right now is to get the fifth episode of the series finished.  

I should add that the above cover you see WILL NOT be the actual cover for the Sunnyville Stories trade paperback.  That’s only a mockup that I put together.  I just wanted to have something to show to the world.

Unlike the individual episodes which are sold exclusively to comics shops or through Indy Planet, I plan to get an ISBN number for this book so I can sell it on as well as getting it into retail bookstores.  That’s right.  It is my goal to get this into your friendly neighborhood bookstore as well as your local comics shop or your big city comic convention.

Earlier, I had reported that the cover will be professionally designed by Morgan Pielli.  He’s a graphic designer I met through LinkedIn and actually met in person at the MoCCA Fest 2011.  However, Morgan will not be available to do this.  Not to worry – I feel confident in my design skills that I can construct a pleasing cover myself.  Because I want to get this into stores, I want to have something that looks professional and will catch the eyes of potential buyers.

This will be quite an undertaking, everyone.  Wish me luck.

Anyone have questions?  Anyone want to offer advice?  Feel free to add your thoughts here.

On that note, please enjoy this video teaser that I put together.  I plan to have a more complete trailer by September.

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