101 Ways to Promote Your Comics

It’s been awhile since I’ve done this.  I’ve got a new list of 101 things today.  Believe me, it was VERY tricky to put this list together.  This week, I present to you a list of 101 ways to promote your comics.  Well…what are you waiting for?  Start reading it!


1.  Start a Twitter account.

2.  Get on Facebook.

3.  Blog on WordPress.com or Google Blogger.

4.  Print up business cards.

5.  Start a YouTube account.

6.  Visit local comics stores.

7.  Get a DeviantArt account.

8.  Sell prints of your work.

9.  Sell original art.

10.  Attend comics conventions.

11.  Sell your comics at conventions.

12.  Join clubs and associations dedicated to comics.

13. Join online forums dedicated to comics.

14. Contribute to comics newsgroups.

15. Join LinkedIn.

16. Donate copies of your comics to charity.

17. Contribute articles to publications, blogs and e-zines.

18. Join MoCCA.  (The Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art – the membership fee is tax-deductible!)

19. Take drawing classes.

20. Post paper notices up on community bulletin boards.

21. Give panels and seminars on comics.

22. Get a Tumblr account.

23. Meet with other cartoonists at a bar, cafe, etc.

24. Attach the title of your comics with name and URL to your email signatures. (It worked for Hotmail, didn’t it?)

25. Post up flyers with your comics’ title and URL.

26. Track your comics blog or site with analytics (like Google Analytics).

27. Add an RSS feed to your blog.

28. Join MySpace.

29. Measure your social media influence on Klout.

30.  Go on the radio.

31.  Send out press releases.

32.  Post to multiple social networks with Ping.fm

33.  Put an entry up on Wikipedia.

34.  Stump for someone else’s work.

35.  Put up signs pitching your comics.

36.  Put your comic art & URL on t-shirts and bags.

37.  Associate with related fields (illustration, graphic design, animation, etc).

38.  Wear a sandwich board.

39.  Get a billboard!  (If you can scrape up the money, that is.)

40.  Send out greeting cards/postcards with your comic art & URL.

41.  Follow the comics market to stay current.

42.  Read books on marketing.

43.  Listen to podcasts.

44.  Adapt your comics for IPad, Kindle, etc.

45.  Pitch your work to newspapers, magazines and other print media.

46.  Visit your local library.

47.  Use word-of-mouth marketing.

48.  Tell others about your comics.

49.  Develop an elevator pitch.

50.  Draw on-site sketches of people, buildings, landscapes, etc.

51.  Help out the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

52.  Go to an art museum for inspiration.

53.  Go on Squidoo.

54.  Buy your own domain name.

55.  Set up a mailing list.

56.  Email someone to tell them about your comics.

57.  Come up with a written marketing plan.

58.  Devise a catchy name for your comic.

59.  Find a niche.

60.  Use social media in conjunction with your blog or website.

61.  See what other comics creators do to promote their work.

62.  Submit to Digg.

63.  Submit to StumbleUpon.

64.  Start a podcast.

65.  Respond promptly to any communication (i.e. blog comment, email).

66.  Investigate for opportunities in the field of illustration.

67.  Make publicity contacts.

68.  Get testimonials on how good your comics are.

69.  Promote your comics with a text message.

70.  Network.

71.  Get involved in your community.

72.  Get a free email account.

73.  Give public speeches about your work.

74.  If you’re not good at public speaking, take lessons or join Toastmasters.

75.  Become an expert in the field of comics.

76.  Submit your comics URL to search engines like Google and Bing.

77.  Put your comics URL in directories.

78.  Practice your writing skills.

79.  Do television appearances.

80.  Use Google Plus.

81.  Exchange links with other comics.

82.  Automate social media communication about your comics through SocialOOmph

83.  Develop brand-name awareness for your comics.

84.  Have patience.

85.  Subscribe to trade journals on comics & related fields.

86.  Be imaginative.

87.  Think of unusual ideas.

88.  Take a genuine interest in other people.

89.  Stay focused.

90.  Show passion and enthusiasm for your comics.

91.  Give out stickers and bumper stickers with your comics title and URL.

92.  Practice SEO for your comics site.

93.  Never stop learning.

94.  Always be marketing.

95.  Show how your comics came to be.

96.  Use viral marketing.

97.  Read the works of Will Eisner.

98.  Read the works of Scott McCloud.

99.  Make magnets with your comics title and URL.

100.  Set up an email list.

101.  Draw comics regularly!

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