Buffalo, Manchester, and Austin

I have arrived in the city of Buffalo. Anyone who’s been following my Twitter account has seen my real-time updates on the train ride up here.

Buffalo street

Buffalo definitely feels different from New York City. This metropolis has more in common with Chicago and probably Pittsburgh than it does with the Big Apple. Anyway, I’ve come for the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair which will be tomorrow at noon.

Dinner at the Century Grill

I had dinner at the nearby Century Grill. The dish you see there is a Buffalo chicken sandwich and the drink is a local brew, a Flying Bison Dark Red. I plan to return tomorrow night for a beef on weck sandwich. Plus, I’ll have a write-up of the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair along with photos and video.

The purpose of my visit here is to learn what I can about the bookstore market. I want to sell my small press comics, Sunnyville Stories, in bookstores as well as comics shops. There’s an even bigger issue on my mind however and it’s really causing me confusion: I cannot decide whether I want to set up my enterprise for making and selling small press comics in Manchester, New Hampshire or Austin, Texas.

Just last week, I visited Austin and back in November, I visited Manchester. I don’t know which place to go to. Both have their merits. Both are business friendly AND tax friendly. Texas does not have a personal income tax while New Hampshire does not have a persona income or sales tax. New Hampshire is a tiny state with only one or two conventions while Texas is populous with many conventions. I wouldn’t object to being a big fish in a little pond, but a more populous area has its advantages.

At the time of this writing, I don’t know which of these locations I’ll go to.

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