Review: Casey the Pillow Fighter

As a favor, I thought I’d do a review of a small press comic that I picked up while attending the MoCCA Festival 2012 – Casey the Pillow Fighter by Gary Cohen and Louie Chin.

Casey the Pillow Fighter is a short, color comic. It tells the story of a pillow fighter named…well, um, Casey! This knight from the land of Napalot is sent forth by the king to make the kingdom bigger. How does this happen? By handing out free t-shirts! Well, that’s something you don’t hear about everyday. However, this soon leads Casey and his people into a conflict with the Food Fighters to the east. A big war breaks out and…well, I won’t spoil it for you. You’ll have to read the comic yourself.

So is this small press comic worth reading? Definitely! This is a fairy tale, but offbeat enough that it’ll appeal to children and even get a few snickers from adults. The storytelling is smooth enough, with easy transitions from panel to panel and brightly colored artwork.

I only have one real problem with this title. There’s little contact information. While the writer of the work, Gary Cohen, is identified as being active on, that’s it. There’s no email, blog URL, social media profile listings, etc. In this digital age, that can be an impediment to someone looking to promote their work.

Other than that, Casey the Pillow Fighter is a winner.

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