Belly Dancing Sam

Today I thought I’d share a few pages from my Moleskine watercolor sketchbook.  I do various drawings in those – namely of the Sunnyville characters.  In fact, the drawings you saw in the last blog post were mostly taken from my watercolor book.

For those of you who have read Sunnyville Stories episode 5, Sam tells Rusty that she’s a trained belly dancer.  Samantha Macgregor has been doing belly dance ever since she was a little girl.  It was her cousin, Rachel, who taught her.  (Rachel won’t be introduced until episode eleven so we won’t be seeing her for awhile.)  Well, how about those drawings?  

Belly dancer Sam

Here’s the sketch from my Moleskine.  I just did a basic pencil sketch of Sam wearing the traditional bra and loose-fitting harem pants.  I then used Derwent brand Inktense pencils for both coloring the outfit and the tambourine.

I definitely like the Inktense pencils.  By pressing down hard or rubbing it lightly on the paper, I can get varying shades.  You can see it with the alternating shades of red and pink plus the see-through fabric of Sam’s harem pants there.

Sam’s style of belly dance is the Turkish style, which tends to be quite flashy in contrast to the Egyptian style.

Usually, Sam will do her belly dance for exercise though she also will perform sometimes at community talent shows (over the objections of her father) or for her family, dancing alone or with her cousin Rachel.

Sam with finger cymbals

Sam will sometimes play a tambourine as part of her routine.  She has occasionally danced with a fan too and here she performs with finger cymbals.

I plan to do some art depicting Sam performing a belly dance for Rusty.  I wonder how he’ll react.

I’ve been doing drawings of belly dancers for quite some time.  You can check out more samples of it on my other blog.

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