Parts Unknown of Greensboro, NC

Today, I’d like to talk briefly about a comic book shop that is right in my own backyard.

Parts Unknown Comics Shop

This place is called Parts Unknown and is located at 906 Spring Garden Street right in the College Hill Neighborhood of Greensboro.

I stopped in here on Tuesday to briefly chat with the owner and operator of the store.  His name is John Hitchcock, is a very friendly fellow, and is both a fan of comic books and professional wrestling.  

Parts Unknown Greensboro

John’s stock is primarily mainstream superhero titles, but he has a fair amount of independent titles too. Plus he is knowledgeable about events in the area such as some of the upcoming comic book shows in Raleigh and Charlotte.

I talked with John for a bit about Greensboro and how I’ve heard rumors about a possible show here in Greensboro.  He did confirm this, but revealed that he himself had no longer been able to host his own convention here due to a lack of interest.  Perhaps with our help, we could help to garner enough interest to get a comic book convention back in Greensboro.

Anyway, if you live close by or are ever passing through Greensboro, be sure to stop into Parts Unknown and give the shop your business.

Parts Unknown, 906 Spring Garden Street, Greensboro, NC 27403

Hours: Monday through Saturday 11am to 7pm


Be sure to say hello to John, buy his merchandise…and tell him that Max West sent you.

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