Episode 8 Script Excerpt

Today, I’m hard at work on the next installment of Sunnyville Stories.  I’m presently working on Sunnyville Stories episode 8, titled “Make the Grade”.  After the breather episode that was Sunnyville Stories episode 7, this is intended to be more dramatic.

There’s a lot of tension in this story between Rusty and his mother in this story.  Well, I think it’s better that you see for yourself.  Here’s an excerpt from the script.  


Al Duncan closed the door behind him and set his briefcase down in the
foyer as he came home after a hard day at work.

“Nancy, I’m home,” he called out as he removed his jacket and hat.

Nancy stormed out from the kitchen and glared at her husband.

“Your son failed his math test today.  He’s made me the laughingstock
of every mother in town!” she rumbled.

“Oh, fine, thanks.  And how are you?” Al retorted.

“I see where your son gets it from.  He’s been mouthing off to me all

 Al shook his head and followed his wife into the kitchen.  Rusty was
attempting to sneak away, but Nancy violently grabbed his arm and
forced him down into a chair.

“Don’t you dare sneak away from me, you stupid embarrassment!” Nancy
snarled, raising a hand as if she were about to slap Rusty.

 Al intervened.

“That’s enough.”

He turned to face his son.

“Now, Rusty, I understand that you failed your math test today in school.”

“Yes, pop.  I did.  But then again, everyone else did.  Even Konrad,
who’s the best in the class, only got a D,” Rusty explained.

“I don’t care about everyone else!” Nancy snapped back at him, “The
truth is that you failed the test and you’ve now failed for the year!”

“One failure isn’t the end of the world,” Al pointed out.

“That’s exactly what Sam said,” Rusty added.

“YES IT IS!  How dare you make me look like a bad mother by failing in school!”

“Hey, I’m not in school to satisfy your ego,” Rusty said with a bit
of venom in his voice, narrowing his eyes at his mom.


 Nancy was about ready to strike her son.


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I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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