StellarCon Day 3

StellarCon 37 has officially come and gone.  Today, it had to wrap up early.  The Greensboro-High Point Airport Marriott was hosting a wedding soon after so the convention had to clear out.

There’ll be an overview of how I did overall later on today.  But for now, how about some more photos?

Ecto-1 of the Carolina Ghostbusters

You may have seen some of the photos I took earlier of the Carolina Ghostbusters. Here’s a shot of their Ecto-1 replica that they had on display in the parking lot.

More of the StellarCon Dealer room

Plus there were My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cosplayers at StellarCon!

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy cosplayers

Pinkie Pie cosplayer

The convention was a mixed bag for me. But I’ll have a full write-up later on.

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