Sunnyville Episode 10, pages 3-4

I got some more inked pages to share with you today.  While Rusty meets some strangers in the woods, the plot will get kicked into high gear at the local general store.

Sunnyville #10, page 3

The Talbot family runs the local general store and the family patriarch, Matthew, has to make sure that they have plenty of what everyone in town needs.

When doing this page, I had to return to the early stories that had exterior shots of the Sunnyville general store.  The look has to be consistent as to not confuse the readers or lead to continuity errors.

Sunnyville #10, page 4

This page is a rough print of the story; I had to splice both of those panels together in Photoshop.  Anyway, Matthew has to check with his wife Frieda to make sure they have enough products to sell.  Drawing Matthew coming down the ladder on this page was no easy task.  It took about six rough sketches to get it down correctly.  Some of you may not realize how much hard work goes into making these comics.

Did you also notice something else about this page?


THAT’S RIGHT!  Once more, I’m employing a polyptych to convey continuous motion in this static image, thus making it look more dynamic.  Note the path of the arrow there; I’m guiding the eyes of the reader on the page.  Many out there have used tricks like this to aid in the storytelling.

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