Episode 10, Page 5 Inked

I have some more artwork to share today.  Work is progressing slowly on Sunnyville #10, but I aim to finish it no matter what.  Anyway, Matthew Talbot has a town’s general store to run and that often encompasses many responsibilities.

Episode 10, page 5 top panel

Here’s an Easter egg – that name Alex mentions?  It’s the name of my former mailman while I was living in Greensboro, North Carolina!  

Episode 10, page 5 middle panel

“Crumbs” by the way is a particular British expression for displeasure.  I have to reinforce that Matthew is from the British Isles.  I’m also pleased with how that other panel turned out.  While I drew Frieda in the foreground with my usual 512 nib, Matthew was drawn with a Uniball pen.  Contrast the thickness of the lines; it certainly gives the depth of illusion.

Episode 10, page 5 bottom panel

Once more, the contrast of thin and thick lines gives depth here.  I’m using another polyptych on this page to convey the feeling of motion.  Quite impressive, isn’t it?  It’s a far cry from the technique of the very first story with Rusty and Sam.

Also compare this with the penciled versions I did earlier.

That’s it for today.

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