More of the Number 11 Script

Picking up from where we left off last time (with the cold open), Rusty and Sam get ready for the arrival of Sam’s cousins.  

Around lunchtime, Rusty and his parents arrived at the Macgregor household.

“They’ll be here any minute,” Thompson told everyone as he rushed about in haste to make sure the house was in order.

“Crystal, did you get the cold cuts all set up?” he asked.

“Almost,” Crystal called out from the kitchen, “Margaret, can you help me please?”

As Margaret rushed to the other room to help her mother, Rusty’s own mother glared at him.

“Rusty, not one stupid joke today!” Nancy warned him, “And I mean it! I don’t need you making me look like bad!”

“No, you do a good job of that yourself,” Rusty answered, a smug visage plastered on his grin.

Sam actually struggled not to giggle.

This early clash between Rusty and his mother is meant to foreshadow the conflict they’re going to have that will define this story.

While the scenario is going to be similar to the one from Sunnyville #8 (the will of the parents versus the will of the child), it’s going to be a different scenario too.  Nancy was concerned with Rusty’s present in that story; here, she concerns herself with Rusty’s future.

As it stands, I’m trying to work out the resolution on the script at the time of this writing.  As I explained before, the whole plot here is that Rusty wants to go to art school to become an animator.  His mother simply says that he is NOT going to art school.

Next time, I hope to have some sketches of Sam’s cousins and/or some concepts for what I want to do with the opening of the story.

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