Sunnyville Number 11 Page 2 Pencils

I have some more pencil art of Sunnyville Stories #11 to share today.

Sunnyville #11 page 2 pencils top

To give Sunnyville more of a feeling to the reader that it’s an actual place, I used an aspect-to-aspect transition here to show shots of the town and its inhabitants.  

I’m also experimenting more with Western perspective.  Note the use of one-point perspective and vanishing points in those panels.  I was brushing up on my perspective by reading the book by David Chelsea Perspective! for Comic Book Artists.  (I’ll review this book in the future.)

A goal of mine with the next few installments of Sunnyville is to expand the world and try to make it more “real” to the readers.  In my work, backgrounds are subservient to the characters.  They basically serve as a tag to establish where the character are and what they are doing.  From then on, the characters are the show and not the backgrounds.  In spite of this, I want to keep working on the world of Sunnyville.

Sunnyville #11 Page 2 pencils bottom

And who do we have here, walking the streets of Sunnyville and passing their friendly neighborhood tobacco store?  It’s the stars of the series, Rusty Duncan and Sam Macgregor.

We’ll see more next time.

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