Report on the 24 Hour Comics Challenge

I went the distance and completed a 24 page comic in under 24 hours!  From 12pm Central standard time on Saturday October 31 to 10:50am the following day, I finished a short story with my vampire hunter August Von Herling I called “the Dark Lady”.

It’s still in the process of being posted on my DeviantArt gallery and I’ll have links up when I’m done.

The process (even if I failed in the end) was a good experience for me.  This experience made me learn that it’s good to improvise and thinking on the fly when I’m doing comics is a good thing.   What’s more is that by completing this challenge, it’s yet another achievement I can add to my list.  How many people out there can claim they’ve completed a 24 page comic within 24 hours?  

Already, I’ve gotten a few skeptics who told me to stop lying and telling me “no you didn’t” about doing 24 hour comics.  Oh, I have proof of doing it all.  I took photos during my drawing as proof and for live updates during the working process.

Writing 24 hour comics idea

Writing down the story

24 hour comics inked lines on page

Finished 24 hour comics pages

Signing the 24 hour comic

Signing the last page

Not bad for a stretch of 24 hours, uh?

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About Max West

I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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