25 Days of Christmas 2015: Day 4

Today, I want to discuss one of my goals for 2016.  I’ll discuss my plans more in detail in the future as well as my goals for 2015.

I’ve had some exposure out there.  My work was mentioned on the Alpha Manga blog as well as on Root Beer Party.  There was my interview in Self Publisher magazine #74 (free for download and reading).  What’s more though is that I made the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead recently.  As a result, copies of Sunnyville Stories Volumes 1 and 2 AND Von Herling just flew off Amazon.  Plus, I’ve become a local celebrity as some people have actually recognized me on the street!

That’s good for a start.  But it’s not enough.  The biggest challenge I face is a lack of exposure.  I am a small press and don’t have the resources to run print ads, television commercial, radio ads or billboards.  It’s not possible to compete at that level with big publishing companies.  Therefore, I’ve had to rely on other tools.  That’s why I have this blog as well as social media, direct mail and tactics from the Guerrilla Marketing series.  Word of mouth is also a major tool; I rely on people telling others how good my work is.

While the local news article and those interviews were a start, it’s not enough.  I’ve made a goal for 2016 – during that year, I will strive to get at least five interviews or articles about myself and my work.

I will see about more local news.  Already, local magazines are being contacted and I’ve got some leads for both local television and radio stations present here in Fargo.  Online sources will be another target.  I want to see about getting another interview (I have one lined up already!) and also getting coverage on blogs and in podcasts.   Print publications will be yet another source for me as I intend to promote myself to fanzines and to trade publications.

If anyone out there is interested in doing any interviews or articles about myself or my comics work, you can contact me at maxwestart(at)gmail(dot)com or write to me at:

Different Mousetrap Press LLC, 1100 19th Avenue N, #108, Unit J, Fargo ND 58102-2269 USA

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About Max West

I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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