Sunnyville #14 Script Excerpt

Today, I have a script excerpt to share from Sunnyville Stories #14 “Epidemic Proportions”.  We’ll take it from the top.  

By Max West

Copyright 2015 Different Mousetrap Press LLC
All Rights Reserved

Rusty Duncan and Samantha Macgregor were walking home from school one afternoon. As they strode along the dirt path, neither of them said anything. Usually, the two would be talking with each other. If they weren’t, they’d be looking cheery and upbeat. But not today. Rusty kept glancing over at Sam. Sam gave her friend the cold shoulder. As they got towards the town center, Sam finally broke the silence.

“Rusty, did you tell me everything about that friend of yours?” she asked as if she were a police officer interrogating a suspect.

“Sarah Ann?”

“Yes, Sarah Ann.”

Rusty sighed.

“Look, Sam, I told you before. Sarah Ann was my friend. Her father was my apartment building’s superintendent. We went to nursery school together…then from kindergarten to the fifth grade. She moved away just before we went to sixth grade. I haven’t seen her since.”

“You said goodbye to Sarah Ann?”

“Yes,” said Rusty, looking away wistfully, “Yes, I did.”

Sam looked at Rusty right in his eyes. An eternity seemed to pass.

“You kissed? The two of you kissed, didn’t you?” she said, half asking and half accusing.

Rusty said nothing.

“You did!” Sam suddenly shouted, “Rusty, how could you toy with my feelings like that?”

“What are you talking about, Sam?” Rusty said, clearly puzzled.

“How dare you!” Sam screamed, “I’ve been nothing but nice to you, I’ve given you so much time and you act so hurtful to me! Lately, you don’t even pay attention to me when I’m talking to you!”

Rusty ended up proving Sam’s point when he was staring at a nearby billboard off the side of the road.

“Hey, aren’t those the dancing raisins from TV?” he asked, pointing at the billboard.

“RUSTY!!” Sam bellowed.

Without another word, she stormed off towards her house.

“Sam, come back,” Rusty called out.

“NO!” she yelled, “You can walk home alone. In fact, you can just die for all I care!”

Rusty stood there dumbfounded as he watched Sam disappear around the bend. He started for home too. But as he walked alone, he felt strange. It was as if he felt very tired.

That’s all for now. Till next time!!

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About Max West

I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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