Fear Should Not Hold You Back

I have an interesting topic today for the blog.  When I first set out on this journey, to create and market Sunnyville Stories, I knew there were no guarantees.  I could end up losing everything and languishing in obscurity.  I could earn the wrath of arrogant know-it-all critics slamming Sunnyville as being “lousy”.  As far as I knew, I may have very well failed.  Did I let that stop me?


Right now, I’ve started up my Etsy account to sell other artwork and I’m also preparing to run a Kickstarter soon.  Could I fail with both of these?  Of course.  But I’m not afraid.

No matter what happens, I’ll learn a lot from selling on Etsy or running a Kickstarter effort.  Even if I fail, I feel these experiences will do me some good.

I don’t plan on letting fear of any kind (like failure) stop me from drawing more comics, promoting my work or anything like that.  Out there, people hesitate to make any effort because they are afraid.  They fear they might fail, they fear what others will think and so on.

Why do you fear that you’ll fail?  How do you know if you don’t even try?

What I’m trying to say in this blog post is that you shouldn’t let fear stop you from drawing, writing, trying out a new sport, taking a trip to some unfamiliar location and so on.  Maybe it is scary and maybe you won’t succeed at it…but how do you even know if you don’t even make the effort?

I prefer to fail than to do nothing at all.  No matter what happens with Etsy, Kickstarter, the top secret project I’m working on and so forth, at least I didn’t let fear control my actions.


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About Max West

I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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