Kickstarter Roundup 1/20/2017

I’ve been talking a lot about my own Kickstarter lately.  It’s still got 17 days left to go so please make sure you pledge today – there’s still 14 copies left of the Sunnyville Super Special #1!

Anyway, I want to mention some other amazing Kickstarter projects out there.  First up we have Sovereign: the Return by Andrew Huerta.

From the Kickstarter page itself:

On the planet EÅ in the year 2516 M.E. (Machine Era). A post-apocalyptic future where advanced sentient machines known as The Grey, have laid waste to most of humanity and are draining the planet of its eon-energy.

Years ago, during “The Last War”, the conflict between man and machine caused the accidental destruction of the moon. Humans lost. And the machines grafted the moon to the Earth to save themselves, and in the process, created their own machine “planet”. Ecologies have been altered and mutated. The remaining humans live in massive metric Cities counting down the days as the planet is sucked out of its essence. But Eå resurrects its champion, the ultimate elemental being…Sovereign.

Sounds pretty awesome – make sure you check this out.  Next up, we have something that isn’t a comic.  It’s a photo book.

This photo book is titled 50 Years of Fashion – Hollywood Icons from 1920s to 1960s by Liliana Grace McGree.  As I do have a thing for retro culture and retro fashions (as if you haven’t noticed that in Sunnyville), this Kickstarter is worth checking out.

Last up is another comics Kickstarter.  This one is called Cadavers 2: Poltergeist by Mad Robot Comics.

If you like the supernatural, this comics project may be for you so be sure to back this one today and to spread the word!

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