Kickstarter Countdown 2018: 107 Days Left

Hello, Sunnyville fans.  We are counting down the days and there’s 107 days until January 5, 2018 when the Kickstarter to fund Sunnyville Stories Volume 4 starts.

Today, I wanted to outline the battle plan for the Kickstarter.  The goal is to run about 40 days and raise a total of US$2,500.

Many of the same strategies I used before will be used again.

First, I’ll be doing a running countdown of the days until the Kickstarter launches.  This is to keep reminding people it’s going to happen; promotion in advance is vital.  Seriously, the first Kickstarter I attempted back in 2014 had little promotion in advance and that was a huge mistake.

Twitter will be one of my big weapons.  The pinned tweet that I used to link the Kicsktarter was a big boon for me.  During the time it was pinned, it got 8,219 impressions, 122 link clicks, 36 likes and 35 re-tweets.  That was not bad at all.

The Twitter analytics for that time period are even more impressive.  Overall, my tweets during that period got roughly 182,000 impressions!

Facebook will be another tool as I will post regular updates on the Facebook Sunnyville fan page.  Unfortunately, I have no hard numbers on that platform’s performance.  The blog and the mailing list will have regular updates too during the Kickstarter.

A few more tactics will be employed too that were not before.  I’ll be doing some paid advertising this time; a little money has been set aside for that.

I am counting on you fans and readers to help spread the word and to especially fund the Kickstarter.  It launches in 107 days from now.  But with these plans and your help, we can make this a success.  See you next week with more numbers!

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About Max West

I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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