The Plan For 24 Hour Comics Day 2017

Hello, Sunnyville fans.  Today, I’d like to tell you my plans for 24 Hour Comics Day this year.

As a reminder, the 24 Hour Comics challenge is one where you must create an entire 24-page comic by yourself within 24 hours.  I undertook this challenge in 2015 and 2016.

This year, 24 Hour Comics Day is being held on Saturday October 7.  It is traditionally held on the first Saturday in October.  But what am I going to do for this year’s 24 Hour Comics challenge?  

Originally, I was going to do a vampire story but I’ve put that aside for the time being.  I’ve had an idea for awhile now about doing a spin-off of Sunnyville.  I’ve got notes about a character named Dominic Duncan.  Dominic is Rusty’s cousin, a 7-year-old cat who lives with his parents and little sister in the town of New Gestad.

The idea was involving some stories and vignettes involving Dominic.  Notes exist but I’m still attempting to hammer out a design for Dominic.

Rusty and Dominic Cousins Sketch

Dominic’s personality is similar to Rusty in that he’s a wise guy.  The idea I have for his fur pattern are black ears and black tail tip.  His exact wardrobe has not been finalized.  This is not the only sketch I’ve done.  So far, five sketches exist but I’m having trouble with a design.

The challenge is that I need to make it look like Rusty and Dominic are related but they can’t look too similar; they are not twins.  It was the same challenge I had when I designed Rusty and his father as well as Sam and her mother.

Anyway, onto the 24 hour comic plans…it will be overnight thing for me.  My plan is to start at 12:00pm on Saturday October 7 and finish the comic no later than 12:00pm on Sunday October 8.

The story will be 24 pages.  It will only contain a total of five characters, none of which have ANY finalized designs.  They will be:

  • Dominic, Rusty’s cousin and the protagonist
  • Harold, Dominic’s father
  • Abigail, Dominic’s mother
  • Ms. Flower, Dominic’s schoolteacher
  • Claire, Dominic’s friend, a teenager and next door neighbor of the Duncans

The basic plot is one I’ve thought about for awhile – Dominic writes a story.  Unfortunately, it’s based on an argument his parents have.

When the challenge begins, I will share live updates via Twitter and Facebook on my progress as well as those updates being proof that I am doing the challenge.

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