Richard Concepcion 1957-2017

Today’s entry is a personal one but it is tied into Sunnyville.

I knew someone named Richard Concepcion while I lived in New York City.  Richard was like anyone else.  But he had a bigger claim to fame.  Richard was the creator of the public access TV show Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends.  This show, Richard’s creation, was a combination of puppetry and live action that started broadcasting through out the New York City area in 1983 through various public access channels like Manhattan Neighborhood Network and Queens Public TV.  Richard not only created and produced this show – he portrayed the title character, Rapid T. Rabbit, a white anthropomorphic rabbit.

I followed Richard on Facebook and noticed for quite some time that there was no activity.  I was not sure what had happened; I figured that maybe he left Facebook, had to go away on an extended trip or something else had happened.  I investigated and learned what had happened.

Richard Concepcion passed away on August 1, 2017.

This sad news was a complete shock to me.  I only learned about it yesterday on Friday, September 29 nearly two months after his death.

I had met Richard back in 2005.  I actually did help him with his TV show and accompanied him on public appearances.

I am still shocked that he’s gone.  But I’m glad I had the chance to have known him.

Sunnyville Stories Volume 4 will be dedicated to Richard.

Richard Concepcion (1957-2017)

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