Valleycon 2017 Day 3 and Report

There wasn’t as much as activity on the final day of Valleycon 2017.

Valleycon 2017 Sunday Attendees

Saturday was the big day.  Sales were brisk as I did move some more comics.  In fact, I was fortunate to meet the person who had won my Sunnyville paperbacks in the charity auction!  

Valleycon 2017 Game Room

I did get a brief chance to look around the convention and saw there was much going on in the game room.  Plus the sheer amount of costumes at the event were just astounding.

Valleycon 2017 Mandalorian and Snowtrooper

Valleycon 2017 Star Wars Costume

So all in all, how did things go for me?

My sales overall were okay.  In fact, I did slightly better than FM Comicon earlier this year.  Still though, my sales weren’t as good as I had hoped.  I did move some of the copies of the Kickstarter comic the Sunnyville Super Special.  I do have some plans for those.

I will be selling them at another event in December.  I learned of another event that the same organizers will be putting on then.  But that will be for tomorrow.

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About Max West

I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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