Kickstarter 2018 Day 2

Welcome back, fans and readers.  The Sunnyville Stories Volume 4 Kickstarter is in its second day.  So how are we faring right now?

At the time this blog post goes live, we are at about 9% of our funding goal.  That’s not bad at all for this early.  But we have to keep the momentum going.  

I did contact well over 70 people during the preparations.  It may take some more time for them to respond and make their pledges.  But it’s not just pledges alone that I need.  I’ve been relying on people to spread the word.  No matter how good my comics are and no matter how well my Kickstarter is designed, it will fail unless I pull in enough traffic and backers.

Besides the press release I posted earlier, we got coverage of the Kickstarter over on Geek The News and iCrowdNewswire.  Also today, our first boosted Facebook post linking to the Kickstarter went live!  I am still waiting on another service who is supposed to be tweeting my Kickstarter campaign at least five times a day.  I will have to check on that.

More promotional art has been devised.  I’ll be using Twitter as well as Tumblr to drive traffic to the Kickstarter get more pledges.

One of the US$75 tier rewards has been chosen by a backer!  As a reminder, you get many goodies at that tier but most of all, you get a SIGNED & NUMBERED COPY of Sunnyville Vol. 4 mailed out to you.  On top of all that, you get a free piece of original artwork of Rusty or Sam (your choice).  Remember though this reward tier is limited to ONLY TEN BACKERS so you’d better act quickly!

Make sure you pledge today to make Sunnyville Stories Volume 4 a reality!  Tell everyone you can about this Kickstarter.  If you have a blog, podcast, print publication, etc and want to mention this Kickstarter, feel free to contact me for more info.  Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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About Max West

I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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