Sunnyville Episode 16 Progress and Ink Smearing

With all the work going with my Kickstarter (make sure you pledge to it!), I’ve delayed getting back to Sunnyville #16.  Now I’ve resume work but had a few issues with my materials.

Sunnyville #16 inked pages drying

I’m lucky that this is a shorter story than my other ones, clocking in only at 29 pages.  Still though, I had problems to confront.

My 1.00mm Rapidograph pen clogged up and it took hours to clean it out.  Even then, it took many tries to get the pen working again.

Inked Sunnyville #16 page with Hunt 107

This page, I first did some of the lines with a Hunt 107 nib.  I had to wait for awhile for it to dry before going over it again with the Speedball 512 nib.

Sunnyville #16 page inked with Hunt 107 and Speedball 512

I ran into another problem.  Up until recently, I’ve been using acrylic ink.  That ran out on me so I switched over to a bottle of waterproof India ink.

After I thought it had dried, I tried erasing the pencil lines only to have the ink smear.  It seems that the India ink takes much longer to dry; once acrylic ink is dry, it is completely impermeable.  I have to wait several hours for everything to dry to make sure nothing smears.

I hope to have another report tomorrow or on Tuesday regarding my progress.  There’ll be another Kickstarter post up later on today.  And on one final note, only yesterday did I receive a Christmas card from Dave Sim (Cerebus the Aardvark).

Dave Sim 2017 Christmas Card

I’m not sure who is to blame here – the postal service of the United States or that of Canada.  At least one Canadian told me their own country has bad mail routes.  But that is a whole other discussion that is beyond the scope of this blog.

That’s all for now!  Pledge to my Kickstarter and stay tuned for more updates!

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