Fargo Moorhead Comic Con 2018 Day 2

The first convention of the year for me has come and gone.

My dealer table on the second day

Once more, sales were sluggish.  I only sold a handful of items.  Maybe it was because this is a small convention and the beginning of the year.  Still though, some good things happened at this convention.  But first, I’ll share a few more photos.

People attending FM Comic Con 2018

FM Comic Con 2018 Comics for sale

At the convention, I was able to get some old books full of gag cartoons for dirt cheap.  That’ll provide good ideas for Tiffany & Corey.

Speaking of Tiffany & Corey, I mentioned in the past that I aim to print a book of their collected cartoons sometime next year.  I’m interested in doing a bigger print run and have been investigating offset printers.  While some have been recommended to me (including ones based in China), a fellow Fargo resident told me of a local printer outfitted with offset printing equipment.  I plan to investigate them soon.  If they are able to provide the services I need, I’d save money on freight and/or shipping charges.

As I said before, my sales were not that good at this convention.  However, there are more shows this year.  Besides Valleycon and Corecon, I have registered for another event being held again at Moorhead Center Mall in neighboring Moorhead next month on Saturday March 24.  I’ll have more information on that and my convention schedule in a little while.  There’s also Etsy; I aim to start selling comics and original artwork on there again.

My earlier Kickstarted failed and my sales at the first convention of 2018 went bad.  I only hope these setbacks don’t set the tone for the rest of the year.

That’s it for right now.  Stay tuned for a follow-up post later!

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