Dominic and Claire at FM Comicon

Welcome back, everyone.  Before we get to the meat of this post, don’t forget about the Kickstarter for Tiffany & Corey that is starting on Saturday April 13th!

Anyway, next weekend on Feb. 23-24 is my first convention of 2019, FM Comicon here in Fargo, North Dakota.

My stock will be more limited this year.  I’ll be selling just copies of Sunnyville Stories Volume 1 out of all my trade paperbacks; also available will be copies of Sunnyville Stories #17.  But those aren’t my main focus this year.  

FM Comicon 2019 Wares

From my earlier Kickstarter, I have my limited edition comic (signed & numbered), the Sunnyville Super Special #2.  The big items I plan to sell are the Dominic & Claire Funnies along with a limited edition print of Claire kissing Dominic.

The low price point for the Funnies is US$1.25, about roughly the price of a 20 ounce bottle of Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, etc.  Whereas people may be reluctant to shell out $10-20 for a trade paperback or graphic novel, this is much more reasonable.

Numbering art prints

From my original art, I had 50 copies made on cardstock paper and then numbered underneath my signature.

Coloring in my art prints

Besides numbering all 50, I went over each one with red marker to add the (very cute) effect of Dominic blushing over getting kissed by his crush Claire.

The plan with the print and the Funnies is not only to offer them individually for sale but also together as a “package” at a discounted price.  All proceeds from this art print will help fund the next Dominic & Claire comic I’m planning.

If all goes well, I’m already plotting out the next Dominic & Claire comic.  Because of the broader appeal of humor over to the more artistic Sunnyville Stories, I want to see about getting Dominic & Claire comics into the direct market.

That’s it for now.  Be sure to check out FM Comicon and I’ll have a full report later!

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About Max West

I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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