Making Comics By Jason Brubaker

There’s a new blog in town and it talks about making comics.  While I’ve discussed the subject myself frequently, I thought I’d share this new blog.

Jason Brubaker, creator of reMIND, started up this new blog appropriately titled Making Comics.  It’s self-explanatory and no, it is NOT affiliated with the book of the same name by Scott McCloud (which I did review). 

In addition to Brubaker, the other prominent host of the blog is Daniel Lieske, creator of the Wormworld saga.

The blog covers the technical aspects of making comics such as drawing, inking, using computer software and lettering.  In fact, there’s a cool article which I commented on titled “Hand Lettering a Digital Comic”, which is worth checking out.  The latest blog post at present is one on ideas by Eric Palicki.

Check out the Making Comics blog or better yet, if you have an MP3 player, get the podcasts.


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