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How to Design a Comic Book Cover

Ladies and gentlemen, today I’m going to talk about a subject that is another big part of making comics.  If you didn’t read my tutorial about to actually put together a comic, then go back now and read over them. … Continue reading

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How I Ink a Comics Page, Part 1

Today, all of you are in for a treat.  I’ve talked to you about how to make comics and my own working process.  But there’s the old adage that actions speak louder the words.  So I will show you how … Continue reading

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Review: the Snowman

As I prepare for my trip to Manchester tomorrow, I thought I’d share another book review today. This book is one that I believe has much potential for those out there who want to learn how to make comics, especially … Continue reading

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Review: Drawings Words & Writing Pictures

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a book review. You’ve probably read some of the basic books on comics theory like the works of Scott McCloud and Will Eisner. But there are those of you who want a more thorough … Continue reading

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Making Comics By Jason Brubaker

There’s a new blog in town and it talks about making comics.  While I’ve discussed the subject myself frequently, I thought I’d share this new blog. Jason Brubaker, creator of reMIND, started up this new blog appropriately titled Making Comics. … Continue reading

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How to Make Comics: My Process and Further Reading

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve come to the very end of my tutorial on how to make comics.  My blog posts were meant to give a basic idea of how to make your own comic.  My way is not the … Continue reading

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How to Make Comics: Inking Your Comics

And now, it’s time for probably the most important part of how to make comics – the big step that will make your work visible to readers.  You’ve drawn your work in pencils and you’ve done your lettering.  You think … Continue reading

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How to Make Comics: Lettering Comics

Welcome back, friends…I would call all of you ladies and gentlemen, but you know what you are.  Anyway, I have today a very important step in making comics.  That part is affectionately known as “lettering”.  Granted, there are comics out … Continue reading

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How to Make Comics: Pencilling Comics

I’m certain you’ve all got your scripts written and you’ve sketched out thumbnails.  Now comes the part where you actually draw your comics.  This stage is called “pencilling” and it’s self-explanatory.  Essentially, you draw your comics in pencil on your … Continue reading

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How to Make Comics: Thumbnails and Layouts

Welcome back, everyone, to my tutorial on making comics.  I’ve discussed how to generate ideas for comics, talked about the basics and more advanced principles of writing,  and even talked about how to develop drawing skills for comics.  Today I’m … Continue reading

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