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How I Ink a Comics Page, Part 1

Today, all of you are in for a treat.  I’ve talked to you about how to make comics and my own working process.  But there’s the old adage that actions speak louder the words.  So I will show you how … Continue reading

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How to Ink with a Brush

When it comes to inking, I’m a lover of the pen.  I use dip pens and technical pens chiefly in my work.  The pen is easier to use and can be a quicker route to a paying livelihood.  However, if … Continue reading

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How to Make Comics: Inking Your Comics

And now, it’s time for probably the most important part of how to make comics – the big step that will make your work visible to readers.  You’ve drawn your work in pencils and you’ve done your lettering.  You think … Continue reading

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