Anthrocon 2012 Wrap-Up

Well, another Anthrocon has come and gone. This year, Anthrocon 2012 went well for me. None of my paintings sold. The comics however sold quite well. I also drummed up a lot of interest in my work, especially with my Sunnyville Stories Volume 1 trade paperback. Plus, traffic to the blog was quite high. I accomplished everything I set out to do.

Plus I ate pretty well in Pittsburgh, as I usually do. Besides getting food from some of those places I mentioned before, I got to eat at Hanlon’s Cafe as well as the Tonic Bar and Grill, which was always packed with furs.

This year’s charity, Hello Bully, got lots of money thanks to the generosity of Anthrocon attendees. In fact, I donated two sets of Derwent brand pencils to the charity raffle to aid in the fundraising for Hello Bully. My donation pulled in US$70! Speaking of dogs, some of the charity people actually brought in some American pit bull terriers to the event.


It’s not everyday that you see a dog in a tutu. Anyway, if you want a general sense of how big the convention was, check out this video I took of the dealer room.


Overall, Anthrocon 2012 was fruitful for me. I sold comics, raised awareness for my brand, met at least SIX people who told me how much they liked my work, and had a fun time. I plan to do even better next year. In addition to a bigger selection of work for the Anthrocon art show, my first trade paperback should be available by then as well as Sunnyville Stories episode 6 and 7.

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