Sunnyville Ep. 6, pages 13-14 pencils

This will be the last set of pencilled comics pages I’m putting up for this episode.  I anticipate finishing the pencils today and moving onto the inking – a labor-intensive, yet fun step of making comics.  My aim is to get Sunnyville Stories episode 6 finished by next month, just before the Small Press Expo.  But enough about that.  On with the show!

Episode 6, page 13 pencils

All but one major role has been given out. That role is the wicked stepmother.  

I think all of you saw that coming.  A lot of you readers probably realized that Rose Von Straussen was going to be picked to play the wicked stepmother in Cinderella.

Rusty comments that it’s a fitting role for Rose.  Yet notice Sam’s reaction to his comment in the first panel.  She’s actually not pleased with his snide remark.

As for Rose, she’s upset that she must play the wicked stepmother.  Ms. Mason decides to be kind and explain the reasons why Rose must do this.  It’s meant to show her character.  A mean and/or strict teacher would probably yell at Rose and even threaten to kick her out of the Sunnyville Junior Theater Club!  Ms. Mason is not intended to be that sort.

Episode 6, pages 14 pencils

In steps Mr. Von Straussen, Rose’s father. Not only does he side with Ms. Mason, but he reminds Rose that her role in this play is for the greater good, both for the theater club and the town.

Rose is intended as the typical spoiled rich girl you’d find in popular media.  She’s used to getting her way and going to her parents if that doesn’t happen.  Here, however, Rose is being given no quarter and caves in to her assigned role as the wicked stepmother.

So it looks like Cinderella is finally underway.  The sets are being built (as you can see in the last panel) and the actors rehearse.  What happens from here?  And what other challenges will our heroes face?

You’ll just have to wait until Sunnyville Stories episode 6 is finished and is made available, both in print and digitally.

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