The Day Before Small Press Expo 2012

Well, loyal readers, this blog post is going live from the North Bethesda Marriott.  I arrived awhile ago at the hotel.  This is the first time that I rode the Amtrak Acela Express and it was quite a smooth ride.  I’m impressed.

Moving onto things that people actually care about, the Small Press Expo 2012 officially kicks off tomorrow at 11:00am.  Remember that it’s open to the public, but fees to enter are collected at the door.

From hotel window

View from North Bethesda Marriott window

This area is right off the side of a busy highway with many strip malls and shopping centers located close by. This part of Bethesda, Maryland is quite convenient for me. There’s not only a McDonald’s that open 24 hours, but a FedEx Office that’s open 24 hours too! I plan to swing by there to print up flyers to hand out at SPX 2012. This will promote the blog and my comics series. And speaking of my comics…  

Comics for trade at SPX 2012

As I said before, I have copies of Sunnyville Stories available for trade. To be precise, in my possession are:

-Three copies of Sunnyville Stories #2
-Four copies of Sunnyville Stories #3
-Three copies of Sunnyville Stories #4

I’ll be wandering the floor of Small Press Expo 2012 and the hotel grounds too with copies of these in my possession.  You want a copy of Sunnyville Stories?  If you have a comic book, magazine, digest, fanzine, etc. of equal or lesser value, then we can do trades.

I’ll also be chatting with the attendees, networking, and scouting out the tables to see what’s happening in the field of alternative comics.

Stay tuned to this blog, friends.  I’ll have a full report on what happens at SPX 2012 tomorrow.

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I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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