Episode 7, pages 5-6 pencils

Picking up from our last blog post, Greta Von Straussen is in a bind.  There are no servants in the house today and Mr. Von Straussen is having a party.  Rusty and Sam have agreed to help out but she needs more help.  What will Greta do?

Episode 7, page 5 pencils

And so we meet three new arrivals here in town!

When I conceived the idea of the three brothers Who, What, and Why, I wanted them to look exactly alike – much like the Loutron triplets.  Those little boy though were at least distinguished by different clothing.  These three brothers wear the exact same outfit.

I’m doing this deliberately.  It’s meant to confuse the readers as well as the characters in telling these three apart.

Episode 7, page 6 pencils

The three brothers agree to help out. Of course, since Sam Macgregor is a girl who has lived in town all her life and knows everyone, she’s quick to recognize that they are not from around here.

These three brothers are about to introduce themselves.  But that will have to wait until the next blog post.

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