Rusty Meets Eddie and Rachel

I have some other pages to share today.  Let’s jump ahead in Sunnyville Stories #11.  Rusty is going to meet Sam’s cousins right now.

Eddie Macgregor enters


Eddie Macgregor is the bookish type, as if you couldn’t tell by his glasses.  

Eddie Macgregor meets Rusty Duncan

I love the fish I keep drawing in the background.  That’s a nod to my favorite painter, Paul Klee.

Eddie Macgregor recounts other Sunnyville events

Yes, there are plenty of continuity nods here.  Here, Eddie is referring to the events of Sunnyville Stories #5 and #6 which are collected in Sunnyville Stories Volume 2.  And now, Rusty is about to meet Eddie’s big sister.

Rusty Duncan meets Rachel Macgregor

This has to be one of my favorite Sunnyville moments.  Rusty’s expression when he first meets Sam’s older (and pretty) cousin, Rachel, is just priceless.

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