Sam’s Talents and Rusty’s Career Choice

This will be the last of the pages I share of Sunnyville Stories #11 today.  These are photos of the pages in progress.  The lines have been inked but I have yet to erase the pencil lines and start spotting blacks.  Anyway, here’s the scene.  Rusty has learned that Sam is actually good at drawing and plans to go to the same art school that her cousin Rachel attends.

Rachel and Samantha Macgregor's talents

Sam did reveal in Sunnyville #5 that she is a trained belly dancer and Rusty felt very awkward there too.  So now we learn that Rachel taught Sam how to belly dance and Rusty tries to handle the thought of Rachel belly dancing too.  His reaction is priceless as is how Sam and Margaret react.  

Rusty vows to go to art school

This was fun to draw.  For this page, I wanted thicker lines so I used a Speedball A5 nib instead of the usual Speedball 513.

Rusty wants to be an animator

Anyone who had read Sunnyville #8 shouldn’t find this statement a surprise.  Rusty wants to be an animator.  This page too was drawn with a thicker pen nib.  Rusty and that sound effect were drawn with a Speedball A4 nib which makes a very thick line.

Rusty's mom learns her son's career choice

At the time this blog post goes to press, this part of the page has not been inked yet.  Rusty’s mom has just heard her son proclaim his career choice…and takes it out on one of Crystal’s plates.

And that’s all for now.  You’ll just have to wait until I finish Sunnyville #11 or put out Sunnyville Stories Volume 3.

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