Ingmar the Wanderer

Ladies and gentlemen, I have another announcement to make.  In addition to the planned release of the Sunnyville Stories 2016 annual and the re-issue of Von Herling, Vampire Hunter for DriveThru Comics, another release from Different Mousetrap Press LLC is planned for 6/11.  It will be released digitally on DriveThru (and hopefully on Comixology) and will see a print release on Indyplanet soon after.

Ingmar the Wanderer #0 Cover

Ingmar the Wanderer is an enigmatic drifter who wanders the modern day American West.  He hobbles through various states like California, Colorado, Utah, Texas, Montana, Oklahoma and so on.  

This wanderer is not what he seems.  He soon learns the world is a dangerous place and many think he is easy to take advantage of.

Ingmar is blind.  Left blind by a childhood illness, he walks the Earth out of some bizarre compulsion.  But he is not one to trifle with.

Ingmar’s hook is that he is a blind weapon master.  That’s right – his cane actually conceals a very sharp sword.  Trained in the Japanese martial arts of kenjutsu and iaijutsu, many attackers who assume Ingmar is a helpless blind man will be in for a rude awakening.

Four stories have been written starring Ingmar, with the planned second, third and fourth issues being part of a three-part serial.  On a technical level, the Ingmar stories are meant to help me sharpen my skills.  I’m going to be trying a different style (action and drama) as opposed to the more cute and innocent Sunnyville Stories.  On top of that, the individual Ingmar stories will be no longer than 20 pages.  By restricting the number of pages to tell the story, it is my aim to improve my storytelling skills and have that carry over to Sunnyville.

Speaking of Sunnyville, you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about Ingmar on this blog which is dedicated to Sunnyville Stories.

Sunnyville Stories and Ingmar the Wanderer share the same universe.

That’s right.  There will be occasional crossovers and guest appearances; Rusty and Sam will encounter Ingmar.  In fact, in the Sunnyville 2016 annual, Ingmar will appear in one of the stories!

As a teaser, Ingmar the Wanderer #0 is up on my DeviantArt.  And here’s a sneak preview of one page from Ingmar #1.

Ingmar #1 Preview Page

Ingmar #1 Preview Page

So stay tuned, loyal readers.  There’ll be more news on Ingmar, Sunnyville and more planned comics.  And be sure to grab Ingmar #1 over on DriveThru Comics on June 11 along with Von Herling and the Sunnyville annual!

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