Announcing Kickstarter Rewards

Last week, I announced two Kickstarters.  Now I have the rewards worked out.

First, we’ll review the Von Herling, Vampire Hunter Kickstarter.  Our funding goal for this one is US$600.  Anyway here are the rewards I have worked out:

Anyone pledging US$1 will get my thanks.

Anyone pledging US$5 gets one free PDF copy of Von Herling, Vampire Hunter.

Anyone pledging US$15 gets both a free PDF of Von Herling and one print copy mailed out anywhere in the world.

And now for a limited reward – the first 10 people pledging US$25 will get a free PDF copy, a SIGNED & NUMBERED print copy mailed out anywhere in the world to them and you’ll get an extra reward – you’ll get some digital goodies in the form of 2 Von Herling wallpaper files!  And that’s going to be images NOT available anywhere else!

And I have one and ONLY ONE special reward tier – that will be a US$100 pledge.  If any one person pledges US$100, you get a free PDF copy, a free autographed print copy (made out to yourself or whoever you want like your spouse, your wacky next door neighbor, etc) plus you will receive not one but TWO pieces of original Von Herling artwork.  But wait – there’s more!  You or your character will appear in the next Von Herling story I am planning!  You can be a supporting character, a background character or even the vampire opponent in the story that Von Herling will face!  But remember there’s only one of these rewards available.

If those rewards haven’t got you psyched up, then these next ones will – I have worked out the rewards for the planned Sunnyville Stories Volume 4 Kickstarter!  

As a reminder, that will launch on January 5, 2018 and will have a goal of US$2,500.  Here are the rewards for the Sunnyville Volume 4 Kickstarter.

Anyone pledging US$1 will get my thanks and their name printed in the book.

Anyone pledging US$4 will get their name in the book and a free PDF copy of both Sunnyville Stories #13 and #14.

Anyone pledging US$8 will get their name in the book and a free PDF copy of Sunnyville Stories Volume 4.

Anyone pledging US$12 gets their name in the book, a free PDF copy and a print copy of Sunnyville Volume 4 mailed out to them anywhere in the world.  Yes, even if you live outside the USA, you can get a copy of Sunnyville!

Now we get to the higher levels and I have some special rewards planned for those people who pledge more.

If you pledge US$25, you get your name in the book, a free PDF copy, a print copy of Sunnyville volume 4 mailed out to you and you get some digital goodies!  You will get two free Sunnyville Stories wallpapers, a free PDF copy of Sunnyville Stories #1 and another interesting item.  You will get a neat study guide in PDF format for both Sunnyville Stories #1 and #13!  Yes, if you are an educator (like a teacher, a comics scholar or a homeschooler), this study guide will give you insight on how to use Sunnyville Stories comics for class discussion and critical thinking.

Now if anyone pledges US$75, you still get your name in the book and a free PDF copy, but it also gets better.  You will receive a SIGNED & NUMBERED copy of Sunnyville volume 4 mailed out to you.  Plus you will get those digital bonuses I mentioned above from the US$25 tier.  On top of that, you will get a free piece of artwork of either Rusty or Sam (your choice) rendered by me in pencil/colored pencil on 5×7 inch paper!  However there is a limit on this reward tier – only the first ten backers to pledge at this tier will get that reward.

All that sounds awesome, doesn’t it?  But we have one more reward tier and this one is a killer.  If anyone pledge US$150, you will get your name printed in the book (in big bold letters), a free PDF copy and you will get an autographed print copy of Sunnyville Volume 4.  On top of all that, you will get the digital bonuses AND the free piece of color artwork of Rusty or Sam (your choice) mentioned above.

BUT WAIT – THERE’S STILL MORE!!  Anyone pledging at the aforementioned US$150 tier will get to make a guest appearance in Sunnyville!  That’s right – you will be caricatured as a background character or supporting character.  But this reward will be limited to the first three backers pledging at this level.

If you weren’t fired up for both of my Kickstarters, that probably got you fired up now!  Stay tuned to the blog, the mailing list, my Twitter and the Sunnyville Facebook page for more details & news.  All information here on rewards is also subject to change.  My final rewards planned for Sunnyville volume 4’s Kickstarter may be altered as will the rewards for Von Herling.

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